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Every effort has been made to make this site secure but there is only so much that can be done and a lot depends on members keeping their login details secure and remembering to logout or close their browser when finished. This is very important if using a public computer as every browser has what they call a cache where data is held in a temporary memory. This is where your login details are kept whilst logged in which is used to identify you. By logging out or closing your browser you will empty the cache of your login details. I have programmed in a safe guard so that if there is no activities of a certain length the program will log you out and you will have to re-login.

If you are just a member you will only be able to see and edit your own profile/account. It is only the administrators that can see everybody's details. The program also writes to an audit trail file which records who has logged in and out and what they where doing whilst logged in. i.e what links they followed and whether they downloaded or uploaded any files. This has been done for no other reason than the security of the site.

Please remember security is a two pronged fork i.e. remember logout or close your browser when you have finished.

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